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If he’s a real classic…try our Octane gift package

6 months of Octane + FREE Aston Martin model

EVO gift subscription

18% saving on the shop price 

Octane Father's Day Gift



Treat your dad this year with our special offer and get 6 months of Octane plus an

Aston Martin Zagato model for just £26.99. 


Perfect for those who love classic and vintage cars and the stories behind them. 




Pick your subscription package

Choose your gift

Select a print subscription, or treat your dad to a print and digital package.

Free delivery

Special delivery

Your dad will receive his free Aston Martin model and get the latest copy of Octane every month delivered direct to his doorstep (with FREE delivery).

Have a questions?

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ's below or get in contact with our customer service team who will be happy to help.





What will they get?

Octane magazine every month for either 6 months or 12 months depending on the package you choose

and a free Aston Martin Zagato model.


Where does it get sent?

Gift subscriptions will be shipped directly to the lucky recipient.

Don’t worry – we won’t let them know it’s coming (we’d hate to ruin the surprise!)


When will it be delivered?

His first issue (194) will be posted on the 20th June.